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Tuesday, October 22
8:30am The Next Wave of Cancer Therapies: Allogeneic Cell Therapies and Other Pioneers Benjamin Cowen, ImmuoMet Therapeutics; Kanya Rajangam, Nkarta Therapeutics show more Session Description As the industry continues to do revolutionary research on cancer, a host of new treatment options for therapies are showing promising data to disrupt the spread of tumors and inching us closer to a world where cancers can be cured. This panel reviews emerging treatment options in cancer, including the next wave of CAR-T, NK cell, and other pioneering approaches, highlighting promises enabled by each and the challenges to be resolved on the path to approvals and helping patients worldwide. Time Tuesday, Oct 22 8:30AM - 9:40AM Location California East Speakers Benjamin Cowen ImmuoMet Therapeutics Kanya Rajangam Nkarta Therapeutics
9:45am Private Investors' Incubators for University-Sourced Ideas Julie Gilmore, Eli Lilly and Company; Kevin Grimes, Stanford University; Satish Jindal, BioMotiv show more Session Description Recognizing a persistent “valley of death” in funding for medical research past the government-grant stage, several organizations have recently launched specialized investment vehicles. These vehicles are specifically designed to support translational research for university-sourced ideas to become independent companies capable of moving biological ideas into human drug development and to attract conventional venture investors. Hear from investors, academics, and entrepreneurs pursuing these new approaches that resolve critical bottlenecks as they work to lower initial project risks and accelerate progress through proof-of-concept. Time Tuesday, Oct 22 9:45AM - 10:40AM Location California East Speakers Julie Gilmore Eli Lilly and Company Kevin Grimes Stanford University Satish Jindal BioMotiv
10:45am Gene Therapies: The Pipeline Towards a New Era for Patients show more Session Description Gene therapies have the potential to increase the healthspan of patients and offer new approaches to treating diseases, with a sizable pipeline in development. Early leaders in the field have focused on rare diseases which continues to open the pathway for other treatments in oncology and infectious and chronic diseases. Attend this session to hear about successful approaches, challenges in protein delivery, and the future of expanding this class of medicines. Time Tuesday, Oct 22 10:45AM - 11:40AM Location California East
12:00pm Policy Outlook-Implications of the U.S. Government's Policies on Biotech Investment from China show more Session Description According to Pitchbook, Chinese venture capital investment in U.S. biotechs has declined more than 60% in the first half of 2019. The increased review of the Committee on Foreign Investment in the US (CFIUS) on transactions, national security concerns, and trade negotiations have created a new landscape for cross-border business. The session will explore how biotech companies can continue to raise capital, the proposed rulemaking from CFIUS in the coming months, and a pathway for companies to remain innovative while CEOs and investors navigate these changes. Time Tuesday, Oct 22 12:00PM - 1:25PM
2:00pm Fireside Chat: Jean-Jacques Bienaimé, Chairman and CEO, BioMarin Jean-Jacques Bienaimé, BioMarin show more Session Description . Time Tuesday, Oct 22 2:00PM - 2:55PM Speakers Jean-Jacques Bienaimé BioMarin
3:00pm Recruiting Talent to Meet Corporate Board Requirements and Representation Goals show more Session Description By the end of 2019, publicly traded companies in California must have at least one woman director and those targets will increase by 2021. Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey along with other states have considered similar targets which will impact the biotechnology industry. As start-ups and small and medium sized biotech companies consider company growth and future exits, starting early with inclusive hiring practices and board recruitment has become a business priority. Attend this session to gain insight on corporate governance best practices and tips on conducting searches for companies to remain innovative and competitive in this changing environment. Resources for leadership teams and boards will be shared including tools created as part of BIO’s recently launched "Right Mix Matters" campaign. Time Tuesday, Oct 22 3:00PM - 3:55PM Location California East
4:00pm View from the Board: To IPO Now or Not? show more Session Description With uncertain market conditions and concerns about realistic valuation expectations, innovative biotechs are trying to pinpoint the right time to go public. The right executive team and a clear, strategic roadmap have become more imperative as companies continually receive mixed signals from potential bookrunners and concerns are raised over IP in course of making a compelling case for going public and gaining access to capital markets. This panel will review how to structure those conversations and decisions around the current landscape and be as productive as possible toward timing the market accurately for a future IPO. Time Tuesday, Oct 22 4:00PM - 4:55PM
Wednesday, October 23
8:30am Progress in CNS Drug Development Outside Neurodegeneration show more Session Description Recent studies from the National MS Society have estimated that nearly one million people in the United States are suffering from Multiple Sclerosis. Another thirty thousand suffer from ALS, and thousands more from other CNS disorders that remain without a cure. In order to address the unmet medical needs of this patient population, dozens of companies from across the biotechnology industry are involved in late-phase clinical trials that are exploring the efficacy of different drug treatments on a variety of CNS disorders. On the investment side of the equation, neurology companies had the third highest number of biopharma deals in the first half of 2019, with over $800 million invested, according to the Silicon Valley Bank Mid-Year Report 2019. Hear from researchers and biotech executives involved in CNS drug development to gain insight into how the industry is expanding and the current clinical trials that have the potential to provide life-changing therapeutic solutions. Time Wednesday, Oct 23 8:30AM - 9:40AM Location California East
9:45am Advice on Pitching to Family Offices, Venture Philanthropies, and Other Non-Private Equity Funding Sources show more Session Description With investment on the rise and the biotechnology industry continuously providing enormous reward opportunities, the demographic of investors has started to shift from the typical stakeholder. How should CEOs approach these potential partners and successfully secure a funding round? This session will feature experienced voices explaining the strategies to employ to properly satisfy a potential investor’s expectation and secure the desired capital. Time Wednesday, Oct 23 9:45AM - 10:40AM Location California East
10:45am Molecular Diagnostics: Drivers of New Investor Interest and Reimbursement Success show more Session Description As the biotechnology industry continues to address unmet medical needs across a wide variety of diseases and disorders, emerging innovative diagnostics methods are paving the way for earlier detection and increased levels of response to treatment. Companion and molecular diagnostics offer advanced methods of identifying biomarkers for cancer and other diseases and allow for the application of bespoke immune-based therapies. Additionally, Diagnostics Analytics deals spiked in the first half of 2019, with 119 deals totaling $2.164 billion, and are predicted to continue a three-year upward trend, according to the Silicon Valley Bank Mid-Year Report 2019. This panel explores the novel drug and product development from diagnostics companies in the industry that drive funding and reimbursement. Time Wednesday, Oct 23 10:45AM - 11:40AM Location California East
12:00pm Fireside Chat: Wende Hutton, General Partner, Canaan Wende Hutton, Canaan show more Session Description . Time Wednesday, Oct 23 12:00PM - 1:25PM Location Grand Ballroom Speakers Wende Hutton Canaan
1:45pm Separating Artificial Intelligence Hype from Real Utility in Drug Development show more Session Description Recent data shows venture investment in AI-focused biopharma companies reached a new high of $1.4B through the first half of this year, according to CB Insights. However, the wide variance in applications and algorithms has complicated the ability to map progress in drug development techniques. As leaders in this space now begin to point to molecules moving into development and early clinical results, the prioritization of tools for other biotechs to consider adopting becomes clearer. This session will examine where AI can improve current drug discovery and development versus technological promises that are still years away from delivery. Time Wednesday, Oct 23 1:45PM - 2:40PM Location California East
2:45pm Best Practices in Biopharma Alliances with Digital Therapeutics Partners show more Session Description As the FDA has standardized the approval pathway for digital therapeutics, an increasing number of such therapies are reaching patients, often in collaboration with existing biopharma companies. Rock Health released an in-depth study earlier this year identifying four success factors that must be shared for such partnerships: value proposition of the project, organizational commitment, evidence standards, and channel strategy with business model. This session will feature Rock Health’s specific data then discuss the opportunities and challenges with digital therapeutics and biopharma alliance partners themselves. Time Wednesday, Oct 23 2:45PM - 3:55PM Location California East
4:00pm Market Outlook-Taking the Temperature of the IPO Market in an Era of Large Pharma M&A show more Session Description As we start to close out 2019, the mixed signals regarding the appetite for IPOs are off from 2018’s strong finish. This year’s 33 offerings in the 1H have totaled $2.992 billion, compared to the $3.484 billion seen in the 35 offerings from last year. Large pharma M&A deals, however, continue to surprise and raise questions about a temporary market shift or a lasting trend. With market volatility also on the rise aided by continued global trade tensions, the second half of 2019 raises concerns about the endurance of high valuations. This session will examine the path forward while highlighting the availability of quality targets in the market. Time Wednesday, Oct 23 4:00PM - 4:55PM Location California East
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Greenwich LifeSciences Snehal Patel, Greenwich LifeSciences show more Speakers Snehal Patel Greenwich LifeSciences Haystack Sciences Jonathan Burbaum, Haystack Sciences show more Speakers Jonathan Burbaum Haystack Sciences Heartseed Inc. Kikuo Yasui, Heartseed Inc. show more Speakers Kikuo Yasui Heartseed Inc. Histogen Inc. Richard Pascoe, Histogen Inc. show more Speakers Richard Pascoe Histogen Inc. IBI Thomas Reeves, IBI show more Speakers Thomas Reeves IBI Ilya Pharma Evelina Vågesjö, Ilya Pharma show more Speakers Evelina Vågesjö Ilya Pharma ImmunoMet Therapeutics Benjamin Cowen, ImmuoMet Therapeutics show more Speakers Benjamin Cowen ImmuoMet Therapeutics Impact Therapeutics Jun Bao, Impact Therapeutics show more Speakers Jun Bao Impact Therapeutics IMV Inc. Frederic Ors, IMV Inc. show more Speakers Frederic Ors IMV Inc. Incysus Therapeutics, Inc. William Ho, Incysus Therapeutics, Inc. show more Speakers William Ho Incysus Therapeutics, Inc. Innovate Biopharmaceuticals, Inc. Jay Madan, Innovate Biopharmaceuticals, Inc. show more Speakers Jay Madan Innovate Biopharmaceuticals, Inc. Inquisatex Epitherapeutics Steven Holshouser, Inquisatex Eptitherapeutics show more Speakers Steven Holshouser Inquisatex Eptitherapeutics Intabio Lena Wu, Intabio show more Speakers Lena Wu Intabio InterVenn Biosciences Aldo Carrascoso, InterVenn Biosciences show more Speakers Aldo Carrascoso InterVenn Biosciences InvivoSciences Inc. Ayla Annac, InvivoSciences Inc. show more Speakers Ayla Annac InvivoSciences Inc. iPill Dispenser john Hsu, ipill dispesnser show more Speakers john Hsu ipill dispesnser ISOThrive LLC Jack Oswald, ISOThrive LLC show more Speakers Jack Oswald ISOThrive LLC Jaan Biotherapeutics LLC Bhawanjit Brar, Jaan Biotherapeutics LLC show more Speakers Bhawanjit Brar Jaan Biotherapeutics LLC Kineta, Inc. Shawn Iadonato, Kineta, Inc. show more Speakers Shawn Iadonato Kineta, Inc. Kleo Pharmaceuticals Doug Manion, Kleo Pharmaceuticals show more Speakers Doug Manion Kleo Pharmaceuticals Landos Biopharma Josep Bassaganya-Riera, Landos Biopharma show more Speakers Josep Bassaganya-Riera Landos Biopharma Leidos James Pannucci, Leidos show more Speakers James Pannucci Leidos Lung Therapeutics Brian Windsor, Lung Therapeutics show more Speakers Brian Windsor Lung Therapeutics MAIA Biotechnology, Inc. Joe Dillon, MAIA Biotechnology, Inc. show more Speakers Joe Dillon MAIA Biotechnology, Inc. Mantra Bio Alex Mok, Mantra Bio show more Speakers Alex Mok Mantra Bio Membio Shane Kilpatrick, Membio show more Speakers Shane Kilpatrick Membio Molecular Theranostics, LLC Yajuan Li, Molecular Theranostics, LLC show more Speakers Yajuan Li Molecular Theranostics, LLC Nammi Therapeutics, Inc. David Stover, Nammi Therapeutics, Inc. show more Speakers David Stover Nammi Therapeutics, Inc. NanoMed Targeting Systems Inc. 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Sapience Therapeutics, Inc. Barry Kappel, Sapience Therapeutics show more Speakers Barry Kappel Sapience Therapeutics Satellos Bioscience Inc. Frank Gleeson, Satellos Bioscience Inc. show more Speakers Frank Gleeson Satellos Bioscience Inc. Savanamed Ignacio H. Medrano, Savanamed show more Speakers Ignacio H. Medrano Savanamed SCA Robotics Rob Rao, SCA Robotics show more Speakers Rob Rao SCA Robotics SciBac Inc. Jeanette Mucha, SciBac Inc. show more Speakers Jeanette Mucha SciBac Inc. Senti Biosciences Timothy Lu, Senti Biosciences show more Speakers Timothy Lu Senti Biosciences Sentien Biotechnologies, Inc. Brian Miller, Sentien Biotechnologies, Inc. show more Speakers Brian Miller Sentien Biotechnologies, Inc. Serimmune, Inc. Noah Nasser, Serimmune, Inc. show more Speakers Noah Nasser Serimmune, Inc. SFA Therapeutics Ira Spector, SFA Therapeutics show more Speakers Ira Spector SFA Therapeutics Shifa Biomedical Corporation Sherin Abdel-Meguid, Shifa Biomedical Corporation show more Speakers Sherin Abdel-Meguid Shifa Biomedical Corporation SHINKEI Therapeutics GP Singh, SHINKEI Therapeutics show more Speakers GP Singh SHINKEI Therapeutics SmartPharm Therapeutics Jose Trevejo, SmartPharm Therapeutics show more Speakers Jose Trevejo SmartPharm Therapeutics Spheryx, Inc. Laura Philips, Spheryx, Inc. show more Speakers Laura Philips Spheryx, Inc. SpinalCyte Pete OHeeron, SpinalCyte, LLC show more Speakers Pete OHeeron SpinalCyte, LLC Splash Pharmaceuticals, Inc. David Nelson, Splash Pharmaceuticals show more Speakers David Nelson Splash Pharmaceuticals Summit Therapeutics Glyn Edwards, Summit Therapeutics show more Speakers Glyn Edwards Summit Therapeutics Synthetic Biologics, Inc. Steven Shallcross, Synthetic Biologics, Inc. show more Speakers Steven Shallcross Synthetic Biologics, Inc. Tempo Therapeutics Westbrook Weaver, Tempo Therapeutics, Inc show more Speakers Westbrook Weaver Tempo Therapeutics, Inc TheraTarget C. Matthew Peterson, TheraTarget show more Speakers C. Matthew Peterson TheraTarget Thousandoaks Biopharmaceuticals, Inc. Shun Luo, Thousand Oaks Biopharmaceuticals, Inc. show more Speakers Shun Luo Thousand Oaks Biopharmaceuticals, Inc. ThromboTherapeutics Inc. Michael Chapman, ThromboTherapeutics Inc. show more Speakers Michael Chapman ThromboTherapeutics Inc. Tierra Biosciences Zachary Sun, Tierra Biosciences show more Speakers Zachary Sun Tierra Biosciences Univfy Mylene Yao, Univfy show more Speakers Mylene Yao Univfy Verum Diagnostics Inc Victor Voroteliak, Verum Diagnostics Inc show more Speakers Victor Voroteliak Verum Diagnostics Inc Vigeo Therapeutics, Inc. Jing Watnick, Vigeo Therapeutics, Inc. show more Speakers Jing Watnick Vigeo Therapeutics, Inc. VISTARA BIOSCIENCE LLC GIRISH NALLUR, VISTARA BIOSCIENCE show more Speakers GIRISH NALLUR VISTARA BIOSCIENCE VM Oncology Jay Wu, VM Oncology show more Speakers Jay Wu VM Oncology Vybion, Inc Lee Henderson, Vybion, Inc show more Speakers Lee Henderson Vybion, Inc xCella Biosciences Jennifer Cochran, xCella Biosciences show more Speakers Jennifer Cochran xCella Biosciences Xoc Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Scott Borland, Xoc Pharmaceuticals, Inc. show more Speakers Scott Borland Xoc Pharmaceuticals, Inc. X-Therma Xiaoxi Wei, X-Therma show more Speakers Xiaoxi Wei X-Therma X-Therma Xiaoxi Wei, X-Therma show more Speakers Xiaoxi Wei X-Therma Zenith Epigenetics Donald McCaffrey, Zenith Epigenetics show more Speakers Donald McCaffrey Zenith Epigenetics Zenopharm, LLC Guangdi Wang, Zenopharm, LLC show more Speakers Guangdi Wang Zenopharm, LLC


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